Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day, 2010

My fifth year as a Mom! And what a gorgeous day we had here in North Carolina to celebrate: upper 60's, slight breeze in the air, and Carolina blue skies.

Macie woke up at her normal time (6:45a), so Dale got up with her and closed our bedroom door. Ahhhhhhh, a bit more sleep for me! Then, when I wandered downstairs around 7:45a, the house smelled of our typical Sunday morning cinnamon rolls. Only today, by the time I got myself out of bed, they were already being pulled out of the oven and iced! YUMMY! The girls both greeted me happily, and Ivie exclaimed, "Happy Mother's Day!!!". While Ivie is pretty coach-able at this age, Dale got pretty lucky, I think, that Macie joined Iv for the big hug that followed.

We were off to church, and then to our Mother's Day lunch tradition...

...where I had my regular meal, the Country Omelette (no sour cream or onions!) and Blueberry Pancakes (no whipped cream, please). I tried to find pictures to make your mouth water, to no avail. Sorry.

Upon our return home after lunch, I made the successful transition for Macie from car seat to crib (she had fallen asleep shortly leaving after IHOP for the 15-minute ride home), and then I took off for a pedicure (my one personal indulgence, it seems). Afterward, I stayed seated, with my toes under the pedicure drying light, for literally 45 minutes. Nose stuck in my latest James Patterson novel (I'm addicted to the Alex Cross series right now). Then, when I finally felt guilty and went home, it was still quiet in the house (everyone still napping), so I snuck out to the screened porch and read some more. Until I'd finished the book!

Before dinner of fresh-off-the-grill (thanks, Dale!) burgers and tator tots, the girls played on the swing set and we walked around the block. With the girls pulling "Babby" and the "Bouncy Bee" behind them. It took FOREVER to make it around the block. But who's in a hurry on Mother's Day?!?

After dinner, it was off to Cold Stone to pick up my free "Like It" (strawberry ice cream with brownie mix-in). Along with every other mother in southern Durham, it seemed. But the promise of "pink ice cream with sprinkles" got the girls through the wait in good spirits.

The girls are both sound asleep now, and another Mother's Day is winding down. But, so that I don't forget this particular year, here are the various cards that Ivie brought home from school throughout the week...

... and a picture from this morning. Thanks for celebrating with me today, girls! I'm so very proud to be your Mommy!


Brooke said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day!!!

Trish said...

What a great Mother's Day!!

Michelle said...

I love the picture of you 3 girls, so beautiful!