Sunday, May 16, 2010

Missouri, Day 2: Runge and Bridal Shower

Friday morning, while the guys golfed, Mom, Carla, and I took Ivie and Macie to Runge Nature Center. We'd been there before, but it had been a couple of years, so it was mostly new to the girls. The highlight was the purchase of 2 plastic lizards as souvenirs (and the re-purchase of Ivie's after she lost her first one in the fun at the mall at lunchtime).

Later that evening, all the girls (excluding Macie) headed to Carla's Bridal Shower with the Schaeperkoetter/Alfermann families, which Mom and Julie organized and planned. Here are a few shots of the party (though I didn't do a very good job getting pictures of all the attendees)...

... and a few of the 3 younger girls (Josie, Olivia, and Ivie) having fun at the "big-girls only" event.

Another great day with the fam!

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