Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jean's Berry Patch

Brooke and I were talking on Thursday night about what we could do with the girls Saturday morning, since both of the guys were going to be out of town until later that evening. Brooke mentioned strawberry picking, and we knew we had a winner!

By 8:45a, we were off to Jean's Berry Patch. They had opened at 7:30a, and the crowd was already huge by the time we arrived. But we got our own "row" to work down, and off we went.

Thanks to Emerson's birthday party last year, they both had personalized buckets that were just right for the job. Ivie loved finding and picking the perfect red berries (sometimes a little TOO red, I realized when I got them home to clean them and some were already soggy), but Macie preferred for me to pick them for her, and then hand them to her to put in her bucket...

Afterward, the girls wandered over to the "Berry Heads". And I couldn't keep them from jumping on the John Deere, no matter how hard I tried. Sorry, Schaeperkoetter clan!

Then it was time to head home for a strawberry snack!

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