Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inflatable Water Fun

For those of you keeping score (okay, I think that's just Dale and me), we had yet another beautiful May 1st here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It was pretty HOT, actually, reaching the mid-80's this afternoon. So the Herman and Dever girls continued our fun day together by pulling out the Dever's inflatable swimming pool and beach ball sprinkler. Since Brooke and I were clueless about how to correctly use the electric air pump, we had to settle for our own hot air. Which we've got a lot of, so it ended up not being that difficult!

Turns out, Ivie was a pretty big fan of the sprinkler.

Macie and Emerson? Not so much.

The pool was much more their style.

But we still succeeded in enjoying the cool water on a warm afternoon.

Let's just hope that I don't get in too much trouble for dumping that massive amount of water in the grass when we were finished. At least we didn't just leave the pool filled overnight to use again tomorrow, right? Wouldn't that have killed the grass faster than the deluge of water? Dale, are you even reading this post? I know you don't, generally. But if you are, by chance, Happy 6th Anniversary! And, if you're not, then I guess at least I'm safe with the water dumping.


Laina said...

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Trish said...

I'm buying Carson a blow-up pool today...inspired by your pics, of course. :) Bed rails are perfect - super long and safe enough to make me sleep soundly at night. :)