Sunday, September 6, 2009

Museum of Life and Science

A few weeks ago, we took both girls to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science in north Durham. Ivie had been before, when Nina was here in January, but it was Macie's first visit. While there, we decided to become members and make it a regular part of our entertainment over the next year. So, yesterday morning, we went back!

I think Macie's favorite spot is the sound room. Mostly because it's the only place (other than the baby/toddler play area) where she is able to run free and not be confined in the stroller. Ivie loves riding the train, particularly the part where you get to S-C-R-E-A-M as you go through the tunnel. She also likes the butterfly house and the new dinosaur trail. And the thing that has proven to get her to leave without making a fuss is the penny press.

So if you ever want to join us at the Museum, let us know. Ivie and Macie would love the company of someone other than their stuffy parents. And we need your help to take full advantage of our 6-person membership!

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