Sunday, September 6, 2009

Macie's Movin' Up!

Friday was Macie's last day in the nursery at school. This week, she'll move up to the toddler room. I must say I was a little surprised to get the call a couple of weeks ago from Miss Gail, asking me if it was okay if Macie moved up a couple of days before her birthday. It caught me off-guard, since Ivie didn't move up until she was about 15 months old. But Miss Gail told me that Macie is more than ready to move, as she is walking like a champ, eating table food, and ready to be "challenged" by toddler toys.

In reality, I think they are ready to get her away from the little ones, since she has become known for stealing pacifiers, shaking swings (with babies in them), and imposing her will through the (mis)use of her massive teeth on tender baby arms. The twins, for two, will be shouting "Sayonara!" as we walk past on Tuesday morning.

While I'm eager for Macie to get to spend time with Emma, Kisha, and Brenda (her new teachers in the toddler room), I'm also very sad that she will be saying goodbye to Misses Linda, Marie, and Joan. These three women LOVE THEIR BABIES. And it won't surprise you that, in return, the babies love them back.

Thank you, ladies, for watching both of my babies for the first year of their lives. You made it easy (well, easier, at least) for me to go to work every day.

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