Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Boo-Boo

We knew it was coming. In fact, I'm shocked that it's taken so long. You know, the first boo-boo (usually on the head) after a baby learns to walk. Walk, that is, just good enough to feel cocky and try to walk downhill, or off a curb, or too fast after her sister.

After being a "walker" for 6 weeks or so, Macie finally got her first major (i.e., that actually leaves a mark) tumble in the books.

You know, it's funny, our babysitter (who was watching the girls so that we could go to the first UNC football game of the year) told us she was so worried that I was going to be upset with her. Ha! Whatever! I consider myself pretty lucky to have not been there to witness the fall, the blood, and the crying. Talk about painful for a mommy! Instead, all I had to see was this sweet face the next day. With only a minor, quarter-sized blemish that doesn't at all take away from her extremely high level of cuteness.

So thanks for watching the girls last night, Colleen. And, by the way, Ivie told us she had lots of fun with you; but, she also "told on you", saying that you wouldn't let her put her princess beauty set in her bed with her. I laughed, hard, and told her that Miss Colleen had made the right choice on that one. We don't need to be stripping the bed, frantically looking for the lost (and thankfully pretend) purple fingernail polish that she "had when she went to sleep!".

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