Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Covering Your Mouth

Every time Ivie gets a cough (which happens a LOT), we preach to her the importance of covering her mouth. Sometimes she remembers, sometimes she doesn't.

This afternoon, Ivie got sick at school (fever/wheezing), and Dale picked her up early. When he got her home, he tried to settle her down enough to get her to submit to a breathing treatment with the "dinosaur" nebulizer. She wasn't fired up about it, but eventually gave in, with the promise of getting to play with her new Cinderella tea set afterward (we are not above bribing our children when the need arises).

As they settled into "Dale's chair" in the living room and got the mask on her face, out of nowhere, Ivie threw up. Everywhere, but mostly all over Dale and Ivie themselves, as the mask on her face caused it to all fly back in their direction. Buckets, as Dale described it to me (because I hadn't yet made it home from work to personally witness the incident). After sitting still for a bit, covered in puke, to determine the proper course of action, Dale carried her upstairs, into the bathroom, and put her into the tub fully-clothed. And then cleaned up the mess.

At bedtime, about 7 hours after this incident, I finished getting Macie down just as Dale was wrapping up in Ivie's room. I stood outside and could hear them talking. There's not much I enjoy more than eavesdropping on Ivie's conversations with Dale...

Dale: I'm sorry you got sick today, Ivie.

Ivie: Thank you, Daddy. I threw up on you, didn't I, Daddy?

Dale: Yes, Ivie, you did.

Ivie: Because I didn't cover my mouth, right?

Dale: (Silence)

When your child's comment doesn't really make any sense at all, how do you respond?!? I think ultimately Dale just moved on and told her that he loved her and hoped she felt better after a good night's sleep. Or something like that. I don't really know. I was too busy rolling on the floor in the hallway laughing.

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