Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waking Up Happy

This morning, I let Ivie "sleep in." I didn't HAVE to be at work at any certain time, so I woke Macie up and fed her at 6:45a, then went downstairs to "make Macie's milk," as Ivie describes it, and wash the resulting plastic parts. Then headed back upstairs to get dressed for work.

Just as I was about to go in and wake her up (around 7:25a), I heard Ivie, through the monitor in our room, start singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," from her "Let's Play" book of nursery rhymes (which was the book-of-choice at bedtime last night). She was WAILING, folks - singing with all the vigor she could muster.

I pray for countless more days of Ivie waking up so happy that she can't help but sing.

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Marcia said...

How cute! Kale was singing his version of itsy bitsy spider last night. It was precious. Of course, he can't say any of the his version comes out like this: itsss sssss isss ssss and on it goes. :) He tries to do the hand motions, but isn't quite up to par with those either! :)