Thursday, March 5, 2009


Brooke and Emerson joined Ivie and me for dinner tonight. I went through the drive-through at Chick-fil-A and brought it home for us. Here was my order:

2 #1 Combos
-- both without pickle
-- 1 with Hi-C Orange, the other with Sprite
2 6-nugget Kids Meals
-- trade the fries for fruit in one, keep the fries in the other
-- one with white milk, the other with Hi-C Orange
1 Cookies-N-Cream shake
-- no whipped cream or cherry, please

After reading through that chaotic order, is anyone at all surprised that the food didn't all make it into the car, even after the drive-through lady correctly recited it back to me 2 times (once at the order screen, then again before giving me the bags at the window)? As I pulled away from the window and glanced into the big plastic bag (meant to make it easier to carry - they must have felt sorry for me since I was alone in the car), I realized that they forgot to give me one of the Kid's Meals.

So I pulled into the parking lot and, armed with my receipt, headed inside. They were very helpful and apologetic and quickly prepared and handed over the second kid's meal. (The one with fries, mind you.)

In hindsight, it's actually a good thing that they messed it up and forced me to go inside (thankfully the weather was nice, or I wouldn't be saying this - no rain or below freezing temperatures). Parking the car and looking through the bags to take a detailed accounting of what was missing led me to a sudden realization, and going inside allowed me the opportunity to correct a critical error. Despite my effort to clearly spell out our confusing order, I inadvertently left out one essential piece of information...

I forgot to trade the Kid's Meal toys for cups of ice cream!!!

Here's why this is important. Because if you can manage to get it directly to the freezer without your kids seeing it when you arrive home, they won't know it exists. And then, once they go to bed, the ice cream is yours. Unless, of course, you're like me and ordered yourself a Cookies-n-Cream shake instead. Then you can save the ice cream until your kids go to bed the NEXT night...


Marcia said...

Ok, we want to know for future reference...when you have the kiddos with you...

1. How do you get around replacing the toy with ice cream without them knowing???

2. How do you keep them from eating thier toy replaced ice cream or at least keep them from eating it before the rest of the meal???

Mark Nguyen said...
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Mark Nguyen said...

I learned this trick with my kids a long time ago Amy. Geez.