Saturday, March 7, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 16: "Dress Up Dora!" Book

The book kick continues...

And it didn't take long for this one to become an Ivie favorite when it arrived at our house on Wednesday night, a gift from the Tuttle family. Don is the President of Dale's orthodontic sales company, Ormco, and we are also blessed to call him and his wonderful wife, Cathy, our friends.

"Dress Up Dora!" has 2 of Ivie's favorite things: Dora and stickers. Can't go wrong with that combination! There's a pop-out cardboard Dora doll, along with stickers of many different types of outfits from around the world. In the book, Dora goes on several different adventures, including trips to Japan, India, Mexico, Africa, Alaska, Russia, Hawaii, and Ireland. So, along the way, she gets to experiment with kimonos, saris, hula skirts, and many different types of dresses.

The challenge facing us over the life of this book is going to be keeping the stickers safe and reuseable. One of them, (I believe it's the Irish dress that Dora wore when dancing a jig) has already fallen prey to Macie's inquisitive fingers. Ivie gave Mac a little scolding when it happened ("Macie, no no!"), but has since forgotten about the annihilated sticker. So all is well.

Thanks for the great book, Don and Cathy!

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