Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thanks for Nothing, Sun!

Thanks to CBS, Dale and I got to bed really late on Friday night. Tip-off for the Heels versus Gonzaga wasn't until 10p! We finally hit the pillows, exhausted but elated at the victory, about 12:45a. So we were really hoping the girls would pick Saturday to sleep in.

Ivie didn't get the memo.

At 6a, she woke up calling for Daddy. When he went into her room, it was still pitch black outside. He pointed this out to her and told her that it was still sleeping time, so she needed to close her eyes again.

When he got back to our room, neither of us was optimistic that she might actually go back to sleep. But, lo and behold, it soon was quiet again in the monitor. So we both dozed back off.

Until 7a, when she again started calling "Daddy!! Daddy!!". When Dale got into her room, all I heard through the monitor was "Daddy, it's wakin' time!". Clearly she had looked out her window and seen the sun starting to shine through.

She's too smart for her own good. And for ours.

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