Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mommy Knows Best - The Sequel

It's all a cute blog post until, the next morning, Ivie wakes up happily at 7:30a (later than normal, although Macie was up at 6:30a), singing about Elmo, and I go into her room to find the same smell as before, but, this time the poopy has escaped the diaper, BIG-TIME.

And Ivie hasn't stayed still in her bed to minimize the damage, either. She's sitting on her headboard shelf, playing with her hair bows. So that means the sheets, the sleeping bag, the pillow, AND the furniture all have evidence of the blow-out.

When poopy is everywhere, it's hard to know where to start. But it's easy to know where you ultimately end up. With the kid in the bathtub, playing happily with toys and amusing her observant sister (who sits alongside the tub in her bouncy seat), while Mommy rinses pj's out in the toilet, bags the poopy diaper and the 15 used wipes, changes sheets, sprays air freshener, and starts the first of what will now be multiple loads of laundry for the day.

All before 8:30a on a Saturday.


Marcia said... forgot to give the disclaimer! I read this as mom and I were going from garage sale to garage sale and I laughed! She wanted to know what was so funny... I told her she had to wait until we weren't within earshot of other people. LOL!
On a different note, I thought you should know that is very obvious when Kale has been eating a lot of Oreo's--can you say jet black poop???
Oh...and you win the mom of the day award!!!

Trish said...

I hope I am able to handle this stuff as well as you do!