Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 18: Puppy and Bunny

Pretty boring names for Ivie's two favorite stuffed animals, huh?!? Maybe it's because they've been with her in her crib (and now bed) from the day I deemed it "safe" enough for her to have anything in there with her. So the naming of them actually was delegated to Dale and me, as Ivie couldn't really talk yet. Hence the lack of creativity and the reason they now officially go by "Puppy" and "Bunny".

Despite their boring names, they are very loved in the Herman house. Sometimes they get to trek downstairs for the day, accompanied by a blanket. More often, they just chill in bed all day. But regardless of where they spend their day, rest assured that they are ALWAYS in the sleeping bag with Ivie when it comes time to close her eyes for the night.

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