Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ms. Erin

Ivie and Macie's school has a LOT of wonderful women who devote their days to caring for a bunch of great kids. They teach them, protect them, encourage them, comfort them, discipline them, and, most importantly, love them.

One of these lovely ladies is named Ms. Erin. She teaches the older preschoolers, so Ivie hasn't been in her class yet. But her room is across the hall, so Ivie sees her quite often. And Erin's cute little boy, Mason, is in Ivie's class.

Ivie absolutely adores Ms. Erin. Who wouldn't? She's sweet, kind, and very fun. And also, as we've discovered recently, an amazing artist. How about these pictures that she drew for Ivie? Impressive, huh? Ivie has hung them very proudly on the wall in our kitchen.

Thank you, Ms. Erin, for loving my little girl.

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