Sunday, February 8, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 12: Backpack

In a quest to find a relatively small (due to the need for it to fit in our suitcase for air travel) present for Ivie to open in Missouri at Christmas time, Nina happened upon a Dora-fanatic favorite - Backpack! Ivie has a hard time saying this - she pronounces it "Pack-Ack". Close enough.

Backpack came chock-full of goodies to help Dora through her adventures: a video camera, a telescope, a compass, and, of course, Map. When you press Backpack's mouth, you hear one of several different phrases:

1. Hola, Amigo! I'm Backpack!
2. Let's go exploring!
3. Let's look through the video camera!
4. Let's look through the telescope!
5. Let's look at the compass!
6. Let's look at Map!
7. And the standard Backpack song that we all know and love...

Backpack, Backpack
Backpack, Backpack.
I'm the Backpack loaded up, with things and knickknacks, too.
Anything that you might need,
I've got inside for you.
Backpack, Backpack
Backpack, Backpack.

And because Dora is bilingual, several of the English statements are repeated in Spanish. It's a good thing they're stated first in English, since, beyond "Hola, Amigo", Dale and I don't understand even a word of the Spanish (I took German in high school/college and Dale studied French). A lot of good those two languages are doing us these days! Oh well...

Anyway, aside from the occasional difficulty with getting the video camera out of Backpack (it sure is a tight fit!), Ivie LOVES her "Pack-Ack". She likes looking at Map and planning the route to the waterfall: through the forest, around the mountain...

And maybe someday she'll understand (and teach her Mommy and Daddy) the Spanish...

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