Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Many Kids? Ivie Weighs In...

In my "25 Random Things" post, I mentioned (#3) the good-natured debate that Dale and I are having about how many kids will make our family whole. Today, on the way home from school, Ivie randomly weighed in...

Ivie: Mommy, Macie is my SISTER.

Mommy: Yes, Ivie, she IS your sister!

Ivie: Samuel [Ivie's classmate] has two brothers. At home.

Mommy: Yes, he has two baby brothers, just like Macie.

Ivie: Mommy, I want a brother.

Mommy: You do?!?

Ivie: No, Mommy, I want TWO brothers. Like Samuel!

So Dale wants to stop with two kids, and Ivie wants two brothers. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere. Like, say, with one brother for Ivie and three total kids?!?

So the debate continues, but at least we know where Ivie stands!

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