Friday, February 6, 2009


One year ago today, I was in the Football Center by 7:00a, as it was Football Signing Day, and the faxes had started rolling in... An hour or so later, my cell phone rang. As I pulled it from my pocket, I hoped like crazy that it was a work call, maybe someone with a random NLI question. But it wasn't. It was my mom. I knew even before answering what the news would be...

My grandma (Mom's mom), whom we affectionately called "Nana", had passed away in her sleep that morning after a short battle with Leukemia.

Nana never got to meet Macie, but Mom did get the chance to tell her that I was pregnant. I'm happy that she DID get to spend some time with Ivie, though, and I've got some pictures to show for it (a couple of which I'll share below).

I remember Nana as an amazing quilter. In fact, all of her grandkids have a quilt that she lovingly made for each of us. It was her favorite hobby, and I have many memories of walking into her house and checking out what quilt she was working on in her spare bedroom. One of my favorite quilts is the baby quilt that she specifically made for Ivie. Because I'm such a huge sports fan, Nana found some quilt blocks with a little kid playing all different sports. Perfect.

A tidbit about Nana that those of you who didn't know her probably won't believe... One thing that always made me laugh, and stupefied me at the same time, was her affinity for WWF Wrestling. Seriously. How many grandmas do YOU know that would spend her evenings watching professional wrestling?!? That was our Nana!

Just wanted to give Nana a "shout out" today. I know she's in Heaven watching over all of us.

We're all thinking about, missing, and loving you, Nana!

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