Monday, February 9, 2009

Rice Cereal (and the Accompanying Drama)

I'm way behind with posting this one. This video was shot nearly a month ago on January 10th - Macie's first attempt at "eating" (read: spitting out) rice cereal. She actually did better with her first time than I remember Ivie doing. But that doesn't mean we were without drama in the 4 minutes it took to shoot the video...

First of all, ignore me at the start when I clearly say (there's no denying it) that it was shot on FEBRUARY 10th (which is tomorrow!). Must have still been asleep that Saturday morning. So much for formally introducing the video. Cross "movie producing" off the list of things I want to try when I grow up. But, I digress...

You'll see in the video that it starts and stops after the first minute or so. That's because Ivie went around behind Macie's high chair, grabbed the camera, and took off with it. After catching her, I had to crop THAT part out! Apparently Ivie didn't feel as though she was getting enough attention, and the camera wasn't focused on her, which was clearly unacceptable in her mind.

When the filming picks back up again, you hear Ivie in the background saying, "Mommy, you're MAD." As well as my explaining to her why I actually WAS a bit mad, and her responding that she was, as a result, "very sad".

You then hear Ivie raise quite a ruckus in the background, as she continues to fight for attention and cries that something (I don't even remember what) wasn't "working" for her. As you'll see, in response to her crying out, I did what most mothers of two would do when trying to feed and film the baby... I i-g-n-o-r-e-d her. To which she responds, in a slow (for effect) and threatening voice, "I NOT GOING TO SCHOOL." (Note to Ivie - it was Saturday. School wasn't even an option.)

So, in summary, leave it to my almost-3-year-old-first-born to take a 4-minute video that is supposed to be entirely unrelated to her, and in which she physically appears for only a few seconds, and turn it into a blog post that is predominately centered on her! Only my Ivie...

In an attempt to garner a bit of attention for Macie, though, the cutest parts of the video are the adorable smiles that she throws my way every once in a while (she really likes rice cereal), as well as the close-ups of her face when it's squirting down her chin. This one will be fun to watch again someday... Maybe without the sound!


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Anonymous said...

We are supposed to start rice cereal this week with Carson. Yikes! :)