Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am amazed every day by Ivie's memory and her connections of seemingly unrelated things. Those of you that watch both Franklin and Oswald on Noggin will get a kick out of this one.

First, a little background. There's an Oswald episode (we've seen it several times, so I'm sure you other parents have, too!) in which Oswald and his friends mistakenly believe that they hear a parade coming close by their homes. So they go in search of it, only to find that it's just "Tree" walking around with his radio. At first, they're very disappointed, as they had discussed on their walk their favorite parts of parades they've seen in the past and were looking forward to seeing that day. So when it turns out there is no parade, they start to scatter and head back home with their heads down. But then Oswald has an idea. Why don't they make their OWN parade?!? So they do...

So this morning, during the 8:30a showing of Franklin, Ivie had her back to the television, as she was sitting at the kitchen table playing with her "big book", which is a huge wipe-off board book with dry erase markers and magnets. She wasn't watching Franklin, but apparently she was following the story with her ears while drawing in her board book, because she, out of the blue, looked up at me and said, "Mommy, they're having a parade! Just like Oswald!". Then went back to drawing in her book.

And sure enough, I started paying attention to the show, and Franklin and his friends were, indeed, headed to a parade. Ivie's never seen this episode of Franklin before, but she sure knows about her television friends going to parades!

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