Friday, February 20, 2009

Macie's First Tooth

It's official! Macie is cutting her first tooth (mark it down: 2/19/09, at 5 months and 9 days old). Yesterday when I got to school, I got the unfortunate news that Miss Marie had just checked Mac's temperature, and it was 101.4 degrees. And, of course, there is a tummy bug making its way through their room at school (5 kids were out the day before). I hoped going into the day yesterday that breast milk might get her through it unscathed (since that is supposed to be a benefit of nursing). Not sure why I still think it might be true, since Ivie was sick A LOT during her first year... Oh well.

After getting Macie home, I fed her a bottle (8 ounces, which she downed quickly) and also gave her a container of carrots. But she still seemed hungry, so she had another 2 ounces of milk. Hungry girl - the fever had apparently not affected her appetite! It was after this second round of milk that I felt in her mouth for the hint of a tooth (which I've been doing daily for a couple of weeks, as Ivie got her first tooth between 4 and 5 months, so I figured it was coming soon). And there it was! Bottom right front tooth popping right through!

So congrats, Macie! And I'm sorry you're too sick to celebrate. Let the teething begin. Maybe we'll sport the "Take my word for it. Teething BITES." onesie today...

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