Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jumbled Mumbles (#4)

A few random thoughts that I want to get down before I forget them today:

1) This morning, as we drove to school, Macie observantly said, "Mommy, it's raining on your window." I confirmed her statement, and Ivie quickly followed up with, "Mommy, turn on your rain poppers!"

It took me a few moments to realize that she was talking about windshield wipers. "Wipers", "Poppers"... Close enough, right?!?

2) I had my 36-week check-up today. Bryce's heart rate was holding steady in the low 140's. Dr. T asked me how big I thought he was going to be. I said, "You tell ME!". He asked how big the girls were (which isn't fair, in my opinion, since even I can estimate based on the two previous children. He's a DOCTOR. He should have some medical way of figuring it out without charging me for an ultrasound.). I told him that they were 7 lb, 7 oz and 6 lb, 11 oz. So he pushed around on my belly for a bit and said, "I think this one's going to be 7 or 8 pounds, but not bigger than that." I hope he's right, as unscientific as his measurement was...

3) I can REALLY say, as of tomorrow, that I'm 4 weeks from my due date! Never mind that I've been saying "4 weeks" in response to the "When are you due?" question for the last week. Now it's for real! I've found that once I hit the single digits in weeks, on the day that I officially become a week closer (which is Thursday this time around), I drop my number by one. So I guess now it's time to start saying THREE!

4) Ivie's 5th birthday party is on Saturday. We're doing Build-A-Bear this year. She's never built a bear, so I think (hope!) she's going to have a blast. And I'm loving that they basically do all the party stuff there, so I don't have to do much in advance to prepare other than buy some juice boxes. Which is right up my alley in terms of effort I'm feeling like contributing these days...

5) Macie has started potty training at school. In fact, I think that, most days, she stays in the same Pull-Up all day. At home, though? She refuses to use the toilet. Unless I threaten to take her paci away right when she wakes up in the morning or right before going to bed at night. I think she's asserting her independence. Or maybe she just likes Miss Madison and Miss D more than me. Yeah, that's probably it. That, and the peer pressure of seeing her friends go in and out of their classroom bathroom all day. She wants to join in the fun.

Whatever it is, she needs to get over it. That energy level I spoke of at the end of number 4 above? It applies to my current desire to potty train, as well...

6) Am I really going to have a newborn in 3 weeks?!? I'm not quite "ready" from the work perspective. Still too many big projects to try to wrap up before I leave.

Which is why I better stop putting these thoughts into words (even though it's technically my lunch break) and get back to it!

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