Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ivie's 5th "Bear"thday Party

We had Ivie's 5th birthday party yesterday morning at Build-A-Bear. While her birthday isn't until the 13th, we wanted to be sure to get the party in before Bryce's arrival!

While we were successful from that standpoint, we did have a pre-party casualty. Macie, who had successfully battled and overcome a slight case of pink eye on Thursday, caught a belly bug on Friday at school, apparently, and couldn't make it the 9 minutes home without throwing up in the car. YUCK. Believe it or not, this was the first time we've had to deal with throw-up in the car. I hope it's the last. Not fun. At all.

Anyway, though she was acting better by Saturday morning, we decided that the very last thing we needed to have happen was a re-occurrence during Iv's party. So Danny, our neighbor and great friend, volunteered to sit out the party and hang at home with Mac. And, since Macie loves Danny more than we think she loves her own parents, she was satisfied with the arrangement.

But, back to the party. I'm planning on doing a birthday book through Shutterfly, as I do with every birthday, so I won't tell any stories here. Besides, as is typical, the pictures pretty much tell the story, anyway. Particularly when both Brooke and I are donning our cameras!

So, for this blog post, I'll just share some of my favorite Ivie pictures of the day. I'll save the pictures of her party-goers for the book (which I'll link to in another post once the book is done).

Happy 5th "Bear"thday, Ivie! I hope you had a wonderfully memorable day with your friends!

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