Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#16)

The Letter "K"

Ivie's been struggling with writing the letter "K". Something about having the two diagonal lines meet in the middle wasn't meshing with her, so you never knew where (or if) they would connect.

As is typical, though, she learned the solution to her problem at school. And I didn't realize it until she was writing her friend's name on her birthday card last weekend.

When I commented to her about what a great job she had done with her "K", she said, "Thanks! I put a dot in the middle now. It makes it easier for me to remember.".

I would have never thought of that. Love the little tricks!


This morning, I made French Toast for breakfast. Not sure why I don't do this more often on Saturday mornings, since it's different, quick, and uses up all the extra bread in the loaf we purchased the previous Sunday (our grocery shopping day) and didn't come close to finishing. Which makes me happy, because I then don't have to look at the large loaf remaining in the pantry and be upset with myself for not finding a way to use it before it has to be thrown out.

But back to the preparation of French Toast this morning.

The girls wanted to watch, so they each pulled their stool up to the island. I first cracked two eggs and put them into the bowl. Before heading to the utensil crock to get the whisk, I cautioned the girls not to touch the bowl or the quickly-heating-up skillet.

My back was turned for only a brief moment when Macie must have decided not to heed my warning about keeping her hands off of the bowl. I heard the sound of glass scooting on the island, presumably Macie pulling the bowl closer to her so she could "see better".

Just as I turned around to scold Mac, Ivie exclaimed, "Macie! Be careful of the eggs! They might HATCH!"

Ummmm, exactly.

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