Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show-and-Tell, Round 61: Notre Dame Leprechaun

On St. Patrick's Day for Show-and-Tell, Daddy had the wonderful idea of digging the Notre Dame Leprechaun out of the stuffed animal bins (we have 3 of them, packed full) for Ivie. She was thrilled - what a great idea, Daddy!

Dale got this for Ivie when he went to South Bend for the UNC-Notre Dame football game in November of 2006. Iv was almost 7 months old at the time. Even though the Tar Heels lost by 19 that day (45-26), Daddy had a great trip to the school rich in football tradition.

And, as a result of this gift, Ivie had the perfect 2011 St. Patrick's Day Show-and-Tell! And she wanted me to be sure to show and point out to you all how "funny the leprechaun's shoes are!". See?!?

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Michelle said...

I like this post! I knew that deep down somewhere Dale is a Notre Dame fan. :)