Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

We've gotten three "real" packages in the last two days. I put"real" in quotes, because the ones that Dale gets on a daily basis for work don't count.

One of the three was expected - it was an order I placed for some kids' clothes through an online sale. So that one probably shouldn't count, either.

But the other 2? Not expected at all. And that's what makes them oh, so fun! So I thought I would tell you about them briefly, mostly because they are proof that, with all of the craziness that goes on in the world, there are many amazing people out there...

1) I got an email the other day from my good friend, Marcia, with whom I've swapped baby boy and baby girl clothes. Her email told me that HER good friend, Robin (whom I've never met), was going to be sending me a package, so I should be on the lookout for it. How cool is that? A woman who knows me only through her friendship with Marcia (and her blog-hopping to Marcia's friends' blogs), packing up little boy stuff and sending it my way for Bryce to enjoy.

And not only did she send some adorable clothes and shoes for Bryce, but she also was so thoughtful to include in the box a couple of princess figurines for the girls. It was love at first sight.

Robin, if you're reading this, the girls are happily in bed tonight, both of them clutching their respective princess. Thank you so much for your kindness. Maybe someday our paths will cross in person!

2) The other package came from my aunt, Chris, in Missouri. She's a frequent blog reader (or at least I think she reads it when she's bored!), as she oftentimes will drop me emails relating to the stories I tell.

The other night, she sent me a text, warning me that Gary, her husband, had put a package in the mail to the girls. Knowing Chris, I knew the girls were going to love the surprise, whatever it was!

Well, it came today. And Chris didn't disappoint.

Remember this post? Where Ivie had the meltdown because we didn't have any ice cream cones on-hand? Well, Chris had the perfect solution in mind...

When the girls opened the package, this is what they found:

Along with a note that told them that next time Mommy didn't have cones, they could use these bowls/spoons instead.

And, "if they were in the mood for sharing with Daddy" instead, they could use the BIG cone that she sent, too:

Seriously, is that not the "sweetest" gesture?!? Chris, had we not just gotten home from Kids' Night at Chick-fil-A (complete with ice cream cones instead of the toys), I'm certain the girls would have insisted on filling those bowls up right then and there! Thank you for encouraging their (and MY, let's be honest) ice cream habit.

Here's to the blogosphere connecting me, my girls, and my stories to wonderful people "out there" who find it in themselves to engage in "random acts of kindness", even when no one is watching...

By the way, Dale, if you're still reading this (u-n-l-i-k-e-l-y), you are NOT going to be happy with the state of the recycle bin when you get home... Blame it on these package-senders, not me!

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