Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Journey to Five (#11)

Saturday, March 12th

Today, as I pulled new car- and truck-laden burp cloths out of the dryer to be folded, I admit to throwing one over my shoulder and envisioning Bryce lying on my shoulder.

Ahhhh, I'm so ready to be a baby mommy again!

Monday, March 14th

Two days ago (above), I wrote that I am ready for Bryce's arrival. At least from the Mommy perspective (not so much from the work perspective - I need another 4 weeks!).

Now, two days later, it seems my body is physically telling me that the time is about to arrive. Without getting too graphic (for all my male readers), suffice it to say that I'm just sore and achy. Walking hurts, bending over hurts, etc. I don't remember this feeling with the girls, though Dale said he does. Selective memory for the mommas, I guess! I'm not sure if this is the "dropping" or "lightening" process occurring, but, if it is, I hope the immediate side effects go away quickly! Otherwise, it's going to be a long 6 weeks!

But I'm still sleeping great, so no complaints there. Now, if I could just convince myself to go to bed at a decent time instead of staying up late, catching up on the DVR, and working on my laptop from the couch...

Thursday, March 17th

I had my 34-week doctor's appointment yesterday morning. As with most of my appointments that don't involve shots or blood draws, this one lasted, ohhhh, about 7 minutes. Long enough for Dr. T to check on Bryce's heartbeat (133 bpm), tell me that he doesn't believe Bryce has "dropped" yet (there goes my theory on the soreness!), and ask me if I was making the trip to Charlotte for basketball this weekend (he's a big UNC sports fan, so that gives Dale and me something to chat with him about unrelated to the pregnancy!).

I did schedule the remainder of my appointments, though. 36 weeks, 38 weeks, 39 weeks, and 40 weeks. Almost there!

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Brooke said...

Let's hope you don't make it to that 40 week appointment