Monday, March 14, 2011

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#17)

Tonight after school, the girls were outside playing and were quite pleased to be joined by Emerson. They each had their own mode of transportation: Ivie on her new pink bike (I'm sure there will be pictures soon), Emerson on the scooter, and Macie on the battery-operated Dora four-wheeler.

Ivie and Emerson had figured out some sort of racing game to play. The first couple of times, due to the bicycle's ability to exceed the scooter's speed, Ivie won.

The next time, though (as Dale watched and recounted to me afterward), Ivie clearly slowed up and gauged Emerson's pace, ultimately allowing her to arrive first at the finish line. Then Ivie jumped off her bike, ran around, and made a big deal out of proclaiming, "Emerson, you WON!!!".

A couple of hours later, on their way home from Gymnastics, Dale and Ivie had the following conversation. (Note that Dale's line is my paraphrased version. Since his statement isn't the funny one, I didn't feel the need to take the time to get it verbatim.)

Dale: Ivie, I was very proud of you for letting Emerson win this afternoon when you were racing with her.

Ivie (matter-of-factly)
: Yeah... No worries!

That kid cracks me up.

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