Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas at Home, 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas morning at our house! The girls aren't quite old enough to anticipate Santa's visit and wake up early, so we had a "typical" morning with them waking up on their own about 7:30a (which is actually sleeping in a bit!).

But it didn't take them long to get into the present-opening mood once they ventured downstairs and saw the gifts under the tree!

Ivie's loot included the Toy Story 3 set of characters (in plastic version), as well as Jessie, Woody, and Buzz in stuffed form. She also got a jump rope, a stocking cap, a barking/walking dog (since we'll never have a real one), a Corolle Les Dollies Toffee Apple doll (mostly because I am on a mission to get the entire set because they're so adorable), 2 princess nightgowns, a set of new books, and a Cinderella dress-up dress.

Macie got a Little Tikes Police Car (strategically chosen so that her little brother can ride it someday, too), a wooden train with several different cars (thanks to a Maple Landmark voucher from jasmere), a jump rope to match her sister's (though I know it will be several years before she can use it), some Cars and Handy Manny tub toys (sadly, the Cars ones have the annoying holes in them, so they will probably never make it to the tub), a Corolle Les Dollies Rose doll, and a walking poodle to keep Ivie's toy dog company.

We didn't run the video camera this year, and I only took a few pictures, as I didn't want to miss the "live" event! But I did snap a few shots during the process... They probably don't need much description, so I'll just let them tell our Christmas story on their own.

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Mark Nguyen said...

What a great police car Macie has! Too bad the stickers are on crooked. Just kidding. I really have no idea why you think the stickers are crooked. They look fine to me.