Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Journey to Five (#7)

Tuesday, December 28th

I do a lot of online shopping. Dale might say too much. But this evening's order was not one that was placed flippantly or without forethought...

I ordered the first personalized item for our baby boy.

So that means his name is set! No going back now, at least not without wasting the $15 that I spent on his (highly discounted) Pottery Barn Kids stocking.

Wanna see it?

Wednesday, December 29th

Just to be sure I don't waver on Bryce's name, today I ordered our first family ornament for next year (again, highly discounted in the after-Christmas sale on

Friday, December 31st

I sure hope that ultrasound technician was right about this being a boy! I've been doing some fairly-regular shopping for Bryce, and yesterday was no exception. Since it was a work holiday for me, but day care was still open, Dale and I had our annual shopping-and-a-movie day. We checked out the new outlet mall that is just 25 minutes down the road in Mebane, and then returned to Durham in time to see "The Tourist" at Southpoint Mall. Not only was I successful in finding some maternity tops (I think I have enough to make it through winter and early spring now!), but we also scored some good clearance deals on clothes for Bryce for next fall/winter (I just hoped we guessed correctly on the sizes!).

Although it was nice with Macie not having to do much clothes shopping (since she is all set with hand-me-downs from Ivie and Emerson), I must say that it's kind of fun "starting over" for a boy, too.

I wish Osh Kosh B'Gosh had a picture online of the swim trunks/top we found for Bryce for next summer. It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen, though I'm not sure how many times we'll take a 3-month old to the pool... At least he'll be cute lounging in the stroller while the girls swim!

On second thought, I guess I could get my camera and take a picture of it myself. Oh, okay, I'll stop being lazy and do it. Here you go...

See what I mean?!? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

Well, it's 9:08p on New Year's Eve. Dale just came downstairs and said he's going to bed. And that sounds pretty good to me, so I'm going to head that way, myself. New Year's Eves sure change once you get old and have kids...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!! May 2011 bring peace, happiness, and many blessings to each of your families!

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