Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Belly: 25 Weeks

So this is kind of a silly post. I admit it in advance. But it covers a phenomenon that I've had with all 3 pregnancies, so why not document it this time with a picture?!?

The Braxton Hicks contractions have officially begun with Bryce. They're no big deal, they don't hurt at all, and I'm used to them, as they were fairly regular with the girls, too.

But the effect they have makes me laugh.

Like this, where they totally make my belly lopsided...

Given the placement of the kicks/bumps I've felt, I think Bryce is still lying sideways in my uterus (you can start heading downward any day now, buddy). And most of you out there who know my husband will likely believe that the protruding side in this picture is probably Bryce's big head (because we all know that Dale Herman's son is going to have a large cranium - I'm already concerned about it from the labor perspective).

There might be some more-official-and-actually-medically-oriented discussions out there on the web that would indicate what the protrusion really is, but (without taking the time to look them up, since it's the middle of the work day) I'm guessing it's either Bryce's head, his bottom, or maybe it's just where the placenta is, and that when it tightens up in a Braxton Hicks, that area sticks out, regardless of what body part happens to be below it.

Who knows? But, regardless of the reason for the lopsidedness, it's still pretty amusing. Though not nearly as amusing as watching my stomach roll over from side to side when he's moving around. Maybe I'll try to catch that on video some day when I'm not wearing an annoying striped shirt that makes me dizzy to watch for more than a couple seconds at a time...

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Mark Nguyen said...

Man, I wish I had a good excuse for my belly looking like that. :-P