Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Journey to Five (#8)

Sunday, January 9th

Just settled onto the couch to watch television for what seems like the first time in several weeks. Probably because it is. For a lot of reasons. First, it's obviously been the holidays and we've been busy. Second, the days after Christmas and before the first day of classes for the spring semester are the busiest days of my work year. Third, our favorite shows take breaks over the holidays, too, so we haven't had anything to watch!

But it seems like this couch is where momentous baby occurrences take place with this pregnancy! Like weeks ago when I first felt Bryce move, tonight I first SAW him move. Now, I don't mean little bumps - I've seen those several times over the past couple of weeks. But, tonight, he was going crazy! Rolling all over the place, making my entire stomach visually move from side to side.

I've been so blessed to have experienced this twice before, obviously, with my sweet girls. Let me tell you - it never gets old. Keep it up, little guy.

Monday, January 10th

Operation Move-Macie-Into-Ivie's-Room-So-Bryce-Has-A-Bed took a turn for the worse tonight...

We have tried a couple of times in the past couple of months to get Mac to nap in Ivie's bed. Each time, it's been a failure, as the girls just laid in bed and talked until Dale and I realized it wasn't going to work and put Macie back into her crib.

Tonight as I read them both their books of choice ("Llama Llama Mad at Mama" for Mac and "Happy Halloween, Stinky Face" for Iv), Ivie randomly asked if they could try sleeping together tonight. Macie quickly jumped on board, and Dale and I gave in.

After books, we got them both snuggled under the blankets with their various loveys and stuffed animals cuddled next to them.

For 10 minutes or so, we thought it might work. It seemed pretty quiet on our end of the monitor, and we'd locked the door, so neither of the girls had come out. Then we heard Macie start crying and Ivie begin calling for us...

When I got up to Iv's room, Macie sadly said, "I want to go back to MY bed." Ivie explained that Macie was "scared" and began whimpering herself, upset that it clearly wasn't going to work out this time.

I'm really sad for Ivie, as she desperately wants Macie to be her roommate "for ever and ever," and now it's clear that it's not yet the right time for the transition.

I'm also really sad for Dale and me, because putting them to bed together in the same bed was a heck of a lot easier than the alternative!

Lastly, I'm sad for Bryce because it appears as though he might be stuck in the bassinet for a few months if Macie doesn't turn it around.

But I'm extremely at peace for the Mac-ster, as she happily snuggled under her blanket, hugged her sea horse, and said, "night, night, Mommy!" when I put her back in "her" bed after our failed experiment.

We'll get there. Just not tonight...

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Mark Nguyen said...

Wow, the Macster is really talking now. What a cute comment from Ivie about wanting Macie as a roommate. I'm curious to see how long she'd like to have those words back. :-)