Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Journey to Five (#9)

Thursday, January 20th

Dear Bryce,

Your Lilypie ticker description on my blog changed today! It says that you are 14.5 inches long and that you weigh 2 pounds (and are "plumping up").

It also says that it's possible that you can hear and recognize your parents' voices. Which I thought was pretty cool. So I figured I'd write you a letter here, and then read it out loud to you. You know, so that you can get plenty of practice hearing my voice in a way that's directed solely toward you (and not, as usual, at your two big sisters).

Ivie CANNOT WAIT to meet you! She keeps asking when you're going to "come out". (She also sometimes asks HOW you're going to come out. I've really got to get better at answering those tough questions - they're only going to get tougher, and, so far, I stink at them). Anyway, my standard response to the timing question is that you'll make your appearance shortly after her birthday. Which generally gets her thinking about where we're going to hold her 5th birthday party. And she moves on. At least until the next day, when she asks about you again.

Macie knows you're hanging out in my belly, but that's about the extent of her understanding. Fine with me, because she's probably not going to be happy about not being the "baby" any more once you arrive. So we'll let her live in her la-la youngest-child land for a while longer before dropping the bomb. Which will likely happen the day you come home from the hospital.

I'm up really late tonight! Was finishing up some work, saw the new ticker about you, and couldn't help but take the time to write this to you. I'll pay for it tomorrow. But who cares?!? It'll be the weekend, so I'll hopefully be able to snag a few naps to catch up on sleep.

In other news, I've started decorating your room! My original plan was to go with a blue and brown theme. Partly because your room is already painted blue, but mostly because I love blue and brown! But then I started looking around our house and realized that the best thing to do was to decorate your room in a Carolina theme. I mean, we already have the piggy bank, blocks, and stuffed animals to pull it off, so why not?

Your daddy immediately and wholeheartedly agreed with this change of plans. Just wait. After you meet him, you'll understand why.

Based on the general rule, we've got 14 more weeks together, just me and you, before you make your grand entrance into this crazy world. Truth be told, I'd be cool if you're ready in only 13 weeks. You see, Ivie was a week early, and Macie 4 days, so a week early is really "on-time" in my mind. I know you're a boy and all, but I'm cool with you keeping up the early-delivery trend. I know there will be plenty of ways in which you'll be different than your sisters. This doesn't have to be one of them.

Speaking of delivery, I haven't given it much thought this time around. Other than to worry if you are going to have your daddy's head and if that's going to give me any problems. Although both of your sisters have big heads, too, and I managed fine with them, so we should be okay. Time will tell. But, just to let you know, I was only in the hospital for 2 hours before Macie was born. While I don't want you to come much faster than that (your stressball mom does NOT want to deliver you in the parking garage), I certainly would be fine if the delivery process goes fairly quickly. Particularly if the epidural doesn't work again (as it didn't, at least on one side, with Macie).

You got all that? Lots to think about, I know, for a little 2 pound, foot-long baby. But I'm pretty sure that you're going to be smart, so I'm going to go ahead and challenge your brain early.

What else do I have to tell you before I go to bed tonight?!?

I'm soooo looking forward to our morning walks while I'm on maternity leave. Now, I know that you won't actually see the scenery much during these walks, since I'll strategically plan them around your morning nap time. But let me just tell you. Those walks? They put me in the best mood. It's my post-baby exercise, but it's also an hour where I have nothing better to do than to push you in your stroller and stare at you. Sleeping. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping infant. Except maybe a sleeping infant lying on my chest while I doze off, too. But we'll save that for one of the afternoon naps!

Alright. It's 11:15p. Time for me and you to go to bed, kiddo.

Oh. Just one last thing.

I love you so much. And I'm pretty sure that you're going to get tired of me saying that. Deal with it, buddy. Because it's oh so true.

A Gazillion Hugs and Kisses,


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Tears in my eyes. And a smile on my face. Especially at this line:

"I know there will be plenty of ways in which you'll be different than your sisters. This doesn't have to be one of them."


Trish said...

Tears, Amy -- I HAVE TEARS!!!