Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 59: Dress-Up Bear

This past summer, when my cousin, Amanda, was living with us briefly, her dad, Bill, came out to visit as a birthday surprise. (My aunt, Julie, came, too, but she was out here three times, so it wasn't quite as special to the girls as the one visit we got from Bill!)

Anyway, Ivie fell in love with Bill. She referred to him then, and still now, as "That Man". I'm not sure why. But she loved how "That Man" would play Little Red Riding Hood with her, and she thoroughly enjoyed dancing and singing for him in the kitchen.

Based on Bill's later references to Julie upon their return home, I think the feelings were mutual.

Fast-forward to a week or so ago when Julie and Granny sent a package out to us. Along with the girls' yearly Christmas ornaments was a set of two dress-up bears for the girls, complete with 4 different princess outfits. When I asked Julie where they had come from, she said that Bill had found them in Hobby Lobby on a recent shopping trip with her and knew the girls would love them.

When I finally brought the package out, Ivie and Macie were beyond thrilled. I got a solid 30 minutes of quiet play time in that first sitting, and much more since then.

Ivie, of course, wanted to take her bear with her for Show-and-Tell this week. Macie, of course, had to take hers along, too, and put it in her locker for the day.

Thanks for the sweet bears, Cartee family! Especially "That Man!".

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