Friday, December 24, 2010

Jumbled Mumbles (#3)

1) Macie's been asking to sit on the potty for a couple of weeks now. Which is a definite upgrade from months ago when I would ask her if she wanted to "sit on the potty like Ivie", and she would reply with an adamant, "NO!".

A couple of days ago, while in Missouri, she actually sat on the toilet and pushed so hard that a teeny speck of poopy popped out. (Sorry for the detail - I've got to get these milestones in writing!) I think it surprised her as much as it did me, so, while we were excited, we didn't put much stock into it becoming a pattern.

And, it didn't.

Tonight, before bath, she sat on the toilet again. Happily, for a solid two minutes. About 1:30 in, she actually went potty for about .8 seconds. Another milestone!!!

So I cheered and danced and made a fool of myself for several minutes longer than the potty episode had lasted, gave her a high-ten, and made a big deal out of sending Ivie on a Daddy-telling mission. Mac was pretty proud of herself, to say the least.

Maybe potty training is something we can get done before baby boy arrives, maybe not. But it's nice to dream...

2) It's Christmas Eve, so we put ready-to-bake cookies in the oven for Santa (weak, I know). Before bed, I let the girls pick out the plate and cup for the cookies and milk. Their selections cannot be considered Christmas decor, by any stretch of the imagination.

At least we have a cool place mat on which to put them...

3) It's 11p on Christmas Eve, and Dale and I just finished putting together Macie's Little Tikes Police Car (no, it's not very girly, but yes, in the back of my mind I WAS thinking about how her little brother might want to play in it some day, too..). Thank goodness we only had one project to put together tonight, since it took us, ohhhhh, 2 hours.

Seriously. Why can't they use a FEW words in the instructions, instead of trying to explain everything through pictures?!?

But we came out of it still friends, and the car is only missing one measly washer. I'm sure it won't be missed.

And hopefully Macie won't notice that a couple of the stickers are crooked. I really get much more stressed out by that process than a grown person should.

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