Friday, December 24, 2010

Macie's (A)Musings (#2): Don'tcha Mess With My Tutu

While the girls were playing with their tutus over the weekend in Missouri, I randomly started saying, "Don't Mess With My Tutu", to Macie, playing on the "My Toot Toot" song by Fats Domino (of which I didn't know details until I looked it up for this post!).

It got to the point, over the next two days, that whenever either Dale or I would say, "Don'tcha mess with my...", Macie would follow up, enthusiastically, with a loud "TU TU!". It was so cute that we said it to her over and over again. To the extent that everyone except the three of us was probably extremely annoyed.

On to what makes this story even more (a)musing.

We're still at the stage, particularly with Macie, where we have to put her to bed individually, in a quiet room, with no distractions from Ivie. But, on Sunday night, I had a glimpse of what bedtime will be like someday when the kids are all grown and able to go to bed "on their own".

Because of our late return to Mom and Dad's after spending the evening at Scott and Bobbie's, all four of us went to bed together at 10:15p. And, with the set-up in the basement of Mom and Dad's house, all of us could see/talk to each other as we got into bed, so we said our rounds of good night (I felt like the Waltons). Macie was in a bit of a giddy mood, so Dale decided to send her into dreamland with a couple rounds of the tutu song...

As Dale approached and climbed into our bed, he said, several times, "Don'tcha mess with my...", to which Macie responded each time with "TU TU!".

Then, as the short game ended, Dale's voice got quieter and quieter for his portion of the phrase. Finally, in an attempt to see if he could say it so quietly that she might not even hear him, he uttered the phrase in merely a whisper.

Macie, not letting us down, responded with "tu tu" in a barely-audible whisper of her own!

It was WAY TOO CUTE. Dale and I (quietly) giggled ourselves to sleep, which we do fairly often these days. Ahhhhhh, kids!

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