Friday, December 24, 2010

Tooth #16

I bet most of you, when sitting around in your spare time, have been thinking that I've forgotten about keeping Macie's tooth chart up-to-date. Particularly since the last tooth post was a solid 9 1/2 months ago...

Well, that's not exactly true, though it HAS taken me quite a while to "fix" the error it is now apparent (thought it wasn't at the time) I made early in the game when I put January 16, 2010 in as the date that Macie got her upper right lateral incisor (for those of you that aren't dentists or orthodontics salesmen, go ahead and look on the chart below - it's labeled tooth #2).

Turns out that Macie's upper right central and lateral incisors are fused. Which explains both the size of the tooth, as well as the diastema (huge gap) between her two front teeth.

It makes for a cute toddler smile now, but we're hopeful that her permanent teeth don't follow the same trend. We won't know for sure until her pediatric dentist can take x-rays, which he won't even attempt until she's 4 years old, due to the fact that younger kids don't sit still enough, so we'll just wait it out.

That being said, I've corrected the chart below to show that Macie doesn't really have an upper right lateral incisor, or at least not one that presents itself as a tooth with its own identity...

And, in other news, her first second molar (otherwise known as the two-year molar) came in while we were in Missouri! She'd had a couple-day bout with diarrhea, and Bobbie randomly asked if she was, by chance, getting a tooth. So I checked it out, and, sure enough, there it was!

Hence, the updated tooth chart and blog post.

Please try to contain your excitement.

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