Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#12)

On Sunday night, we took Amanda for her first-ever visit to P.F. Chang's. (Please let this lone sentence serve as a reminder of "the time that Macie dumped my entire Root Beer on my lap while we waited for our food". Joy.)

But back to the story at hand, since elaboration on the Root Beer story would only involve a description of how I immediately glared at my not-even-two-year-old-daughter and watched her, in a split second, morph from a crazy-jumping-all-over-the-place-wreaking-havoc toddler to an angel, frozen-in-fear-of-the-impending-wrath-of-a-drenched-in-sugary-mess-mommy.

Okay, so maybe a one-sentence reminder wasn't enough to fully get the incident off my chest. But I'm finished now. Really. On to why this is titled an "Ivie's Random Thoughts" post...

Since the entire dinner process that night was lengthy, from the serving of the appetizer, to the drying-off-and-calming-down-after-the-Root-Beer-incident (JUST LET IT GO, AMY!) , to the arrival of the entrees, to the bill-paying, the girls got to spend some quality time outside studying the horse statues that stand in front of the restaurant. Ivie also managed to have enough time to try to balance and walk on the curb, which resulted in her falling off once and getting a small scrape on her knee.

Fast-forward to tonight after school, when we were stopped at the stoplight right in front of P.F. Chang's on our way to pick up Chick-fil-A for dinner (Tuesday is still Kid's Night!). The following conversation took place:

Ivie: Mom! The place with the horsies!

Me: Yes! We ate dinner there the other night, didn't we?

Ivie: Yes. And I fell down and got a boo-boo on my knee.

Me: Yes, you did... Does it still hurt?

Ivie: No! It's all gone now!

Me (shocked at her apparent speed of healing): It is?!?

Ivie (looking closely at her knee): Not exactly.

Isn't it funny the phrases kids pick up?!?

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