Sunday, June 13, 2010


Not sure what came over me last night when I, in clearly a weak moment, told Holly that it was okay for Macie to have a Fudgesicle with the big girls for dessert.

Actually, I do know what I was thinking (points recounted here in no specific order):

1) This is going to be a huge mess.

2) But it's better than having to listen to her scream about wanting what Ivie and Sydney have.

3) Do I think I can clean it all up with paper towels so that I can avoid having to give her a bath?

4) Where's my camera? This might be the only blog material I get all weekend.

5) Will I be able to get the chocolate out of her dress?

6) Or her hair (sans bath)?

7) Do I want a Fudgesicle, too, or should I eat the super-sized Snickers bar Dale brought home for me instead?

8) How does Dale always know, without asking, exactly what kind of candy I'm craving?

9) Is there anything cuter than a kid eating chocolate? Can't pass up the opportunity to witness and document it...

As you can see, Macie, ummmm, didn't disappoint. And I WAS able to still skip bath. But the jury is still out on the chocolate coming out of the dress. Which reminds me, time to go switch the weekend laundry to the dryer before heading to P.F. Chang's for dinner with Amanda (who "survived" a really quiet weekend alone).

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Brooke said...

So sweet, I love all the close-up shots!!! Sometimes the bigger the mess, the better the pictures!!