Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Flower Girl

The big day finally arrived for Ivie to wear her "beautiful white princess dress" and make her flower girl debut! We've been talking this up for months, particularly since Ivie has a tendency to turn shy in front of crowds. So we've been telling her what an important job she had to make sure to drop enough rose petals on the ground for Carla to walk on when she came down the aisle...

Since the rehearsal didn't go so well Friday night, we ended up having to bribe Ivie into an appropriate performance. If she did great, smiled, and made it all the way down the aisle with Olivia and Brayden, she would be rewarded with a trip to Target for a toy when we returned home. Probably won't find that method in any of the 16 parenting magazines that I'm behind on reading right now. But it was the best we could come up with in a pinch... (And it worked great - she gave a pretty stellar performance, though she did display a nervous giggle the entire time she was coming down the aisle. I think she was laughing to keep from crying.)

Anyway, it won't surprise you all that I took several pictures to document Ivie's first flower girl experience. Or that I've already used said pictures to create a Shutterfly book to take advantage of a free book offer I had! Instead of just posting the book here for you to see, though, I thought it would be easier (and with bigger pictures!) for me to just post them here. So that's what I'll do!

At the Beauty Salon ("getting curls like Macie's")

Pre-Wedding in the Girls' Hospitality Room

A Few Post-Wedding Shots

Snack Time (and some climbing)


And a few of my favorites from the day...

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Trish said...

Ivie - you look so pretty in your princess dress!!! : )