Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cleveland, Day 1

Last week, our family headed to Cleveland for Matt's wedding. My Mom and Dad's "baby", and the last one of us to get married. So it was a special weekend!

We all arrived in town on Wednesday afternoon and spent the afternoon/evening just hanging out, ending the day at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. A wonderfully LOUD place for our group of 19 (our 17 plus Carla's mom and sister).

So the real "Day 1" was Thursday. While the guys of the group golfed (you'll see this as a trend for the weekend, and I can't really say much, since it was Matt's wedding weekend, and that's what he wanted to do!), the gals took the 6 younger kiddos (minus Sam, who was golfing with Tony and Papa) to Preston's H.O.P.E Playground.

Can I just briefly say what an AMAZING place this is? I randomly found it on a Google search for "things to do with kids in Cleveland". The best way to summarize is to say that they must have done many things right in the construction of a playground that will entertain 6 kids, spanning in age from 21 months to 8 years, for 4 SOLID HOURS!

Here are some pictures from our day:

Josie, Brayden, and Olivia

Ivie and Gavin on the Roller-Slide

Macie and Olivia - Same Slide!

Swinging and Riding

My Favorites...

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