Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cleveland, Night 1

Thursday night, we headed to Noce Gourmet Pizzeria in Chardon, OH for dinner. Who knew that it would be so difficult to find a pizza place that actually had dine-in and would seat 15 people (the whole crew except for Matt and Carla, as they were off running pre-wedding errands)? (Schaeperkoetter crew - watch the video that I link above to Noce! Great memories of the staff we met and scenery in Chardon - it's great!)

But the search was WELL WORTH IT. Noce's was just great. A quaint little place on Main Street in a cute little town of about 5,000 people. Olivia, Gavin, and Ivie were able to enjoy some running-around time on the city square (home to the Geauga County Courthouse) while the rest of us finished our dinner. Then, just up the street, we snapped a couple of grandkid pictures on the steps of a beautiful church. This was our last "free" evening, since we had the rehearsal and dinner the next night (Friday) and the wedding Saturday. Noce's didn't disappoint. It couldn't have been a more perfect choice.

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Brooke said...

That wooden door was a perfect backdrop!!