Friday, January 30, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 11: Max and Ruby

This is the first time that Ivie's gotten to take TWO items to Show-and-Tell. Generally, of course, the limit is one. But since these two "go together like peanut butter and jelly", we broke down and let her take them both today. It is not lost on Ivie that she's getting a special treat. She's very fired up about being able to talk about Max AND Ruby. For those of you unfamiliar with these characters, they have their own show on Ivie's favorite channel, Noggin.

These Ty Beanie Babies were a gift for Ivie from a good friend of mine named Mark, whom I've known since my first year at Carolina when I was teaching a weight training class (part of the requirement to get my tuition paid for grad school) and Mark was a scrawny (I say that just to make him mad) kid in my class who then (and still now!) much preferred playing basketball to lifting weights. I've seen Mark on and off in the past 8 years since that class, and he's not quite as scrawny any more. I think my weight training class is at least partly responsible for bulking him up a bit!?!

Anyway, Mark brought Max and Ruby to my office last week. And since it was almost the end of January, we're considering them a joint Christmas and birthday gift for Ivie. When I brought them home and gave them to her, she said, "Yea! Max and Ruuuuuuuby!" That night, and every night since, Max and Ruby have joined select Disney princess dolls in bed with Ivie. That's when you know you've given her a good gift - when she chooses it to sleep on the pillow next to her.

If you look closely at the picture, you'll see the perils of sleeping in a bed with a 2-year-old. On his first night "home", Max lost the whiskers from the left side of his face. I actually found them a couple of days later in Ivie's sheets, but attempts to re-connect them to Max's face were futile. So he's a one-sided-two-whiskered rabbit that will have to rely even MORE on his big sister, Ruby, now that he's down a couple important sensory mechanisms. But Ivie loves him just the same.

Thanks for the great gift, Mark!

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Mark said...

I'm just glad Ivie didn't choke on Max's whiskers!