Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sunday night was Macie's first Carolina men's basketball game. Sadly, she came out of the game with a losing record. We're disappointed that she'll NEVER get another shot at winning her first Carolina basketball game. Until she's playing for the women's team herself, that is. (Though the chances of that are slim-to-none if she inherits her mom's speed!)

As for her first game, Macie did great! Game time was 5:30p, which was the perfect time of day for both girls. Macie took in the crowd intently when we first arrived, and we set to work on her bottle around 6p.

This proved to be slightly difficult with the crowd noise. Each time the crowd erupted in a cheer, all 4 of Macie's limbs, and the rest of her body, for that matter, flailed wildly in surprise. Then, by the time she had settled back into the bottle, it would happen again... Over and over, for about 45 minutes until the milk was finally gone...

Following the bottle, she "watched" the game for a bit until she started to get tired. Then the noise finally got to her and she had a short bout of wailing. So I snuggled her into my lap, covered her ears as best I could, and she promptly fell asleep until about 2 minutes left in the game. Have I told you all lately that I think we have the world's most perfect baby?!?

Here's a short video clip of how that bottle feeding went in the Smith Center. Oh, and by the way, Mac... Don't fret. You'll have plenty of opportunities to improve upon that current losing record. Go Heels!!!

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Marcia said...

My favorite part is you LAUGHING at her response! LOVE it!