Friday, January 2, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 8: Kid's Camera

For those of you that know Brooke Dever, you will NOT be surprised that the Devers' Christmas gift to Ivie, a kid's camera, has quickly risen to the level of one of her favorite toys. Ivie has obviously grown up around her mommy's camera, so much so that she now often reminds me when I need to be taking pictures. So the opportunity for her to take her own pictures excites her to no end.

Not able to say "camera", Ivie calls it her "cam-er". And she loves snapping pictures of her little sister, or her feet, or our Christmas decorations, or the floor, or her toys, get the picture! We're still working on getting the target of the picture actually in the center of the screen (or sometimes in the screen at all), but I think we've got a budding photographer on our hands.

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Looks like a nekkid photographer to me! LOL...