Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keva Plank Creations

For Christmas this year, the girls got a set of Keva Planks from Santa. I had first seen them at the NC Museum of Life and Science, and I thought they would be a great gift to encourage the development of the girls' "creative genius". I figure they're definitely going to need it, since neither of their parents have a creative bone in their bodies...

On Christmas afternoon, we headed to Hickory to spend a couple of days with Dale's mom. We brought along many of their gifts to show Grandma, including the planks. Surely the girls would want to build amazing structures with their older cousins, right?

Well, turns out, the girls preferred begging their cousins to play hide-and-seek, and yours truly ended up alone in the living room with the planks. You won't be surprised to hear that I resorted to copying the images in the booklet of ideas...

Here are a few of my (errrr, the company's) "creations"!

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