Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Slice of Bryce (#17): Eight Months!!!

Well, Bryce's eighth month came and went over our Christmas break.

Lots of updates for the B-Man this month...

1. Let's just go ahead and get the one negative update out of the way first. Before the holidays, as I noted in his seven month update, we were on quite a roll with sleeping through the night. But our travel has gotten him off-schedule a bit, which has led to him waking up around 11:30p for a late-night snack, and then sleeping in until 8:30a or 9a (since there was no Mommy alarm to wake him and get him ready for school). We're back home for the foreseeable future, though, so I'm hoping being back to school and having to wake up at 7a each day will get us back on track.

2. We've continued with Size 2 baby foods, and I've tried throwing in a few "real" solids (Gerber puffs, mashed potatoes, banana pieces). He loves the pureed foods, but still gags on the real stuff. So we'll keep working on it. Slowly, since I'm not interested in cleaning up baby puke on a regular basis.

3. Speaking of regurgitation, we're still waiting for that blessed day when the spitting just miraculously disappears. I feel like it happened about this time with the girls (i.e., when they started moving/crawling around). But still no end in sight for Bryce.

4. My latest nickname for B is Buggy. Dale is not supportive. I guess it doesn't sound manly enough for him. But until he comes up with something that rolls off my tongue better, Buggy it is.

5. B has a bit of an army crawl going. I haven't yet gotten it on video, but I need to soon, as I have a feeling he's going to lift that belly off the ground and take off in a "normal" crawl any day now. But even with the army crawl, you can rest assured that if he wants something, he's going to get to it.

6. Bryce also loves to stand up. If you're playing with him and have him standing in front of you and need to sit him down for a break, he will straighten his legs, arch his back, and refuse to sit, meaning that you pretty much have to lay him down on the ground. If you really want him to sit, you literally have to bend his knees for him by holding his calves and pushing down on his thighs. Pretty amusing. He's still not pulling himself up into a standing position, but I have a feeling that's on the horizon. Judging from his current attitude, once he can stand himself up, he might never sit down again.

7. We're still stuck on two teeth. I've been thinking that his teeth are coming in much more slowly than the girls', but I just checked the blog for Macie's tooth chart, and it turns out that she didn't get her third tooth until she was 8 months and 2 days old. So I guess B is not as far behind as I originally thought. Phew.

8. The kid is ALWAYS smiling, and most of the time it's with his mouth wide open. I'm pretty sure he's the happiest baby of my three. Maybe it's because he has two big sisters to entertain him, which they are almost always willing to do. Ivie's at the age now where she constantly wants to hold him. She will just plop down on the ground and scoop him up and onto her lap. Generally, it's right after he's eaten, and it doesn't take much shaking and bouncing around for him to spit up all over her, himself, the floor, and the toy-of-the-moment. But she isn't deterred and is right back at it after we get them all cleaned up. She and Macie are both wonderful big sisters. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't trade their brother for anything. Except maybe more dolls for their new dollhouse.

9. Lastly, the older Bryce gets, the more pictures I seem to take to document the month. But the smiles remain consistent. My sweet baby boy.

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Trish said...

Sorry, Macie, but I love the last pic!!!