Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chompers #4 and #5

Turns out I didn't have to wait long for that top left central incisor to make its appearance. This morning when Bryce woke up, it was there! And then, as if his mouth believes in symmetry, the right one was popping through by lunchtime. So Chompers #4 and #5 arrived at 8 months and 16 days of age.

So I guess this means that I can, once again, blame the middle-of-the-night-awakening-turned-nursing-session last night on teeth. Phew. Another day of not having to believe that it's possible that Bryce isn't going to be as good a sleeper as his sisters were...

Along with the tooth chart, I'm including some pictures of Bryce eating his Cheerios this morning. Dale and I are both excited that he appears to be favoring his left hand for food-grabbing... (For those of you not familiar with the handedness in our family, Dale, Macie, and I are all lefties when it comes to eating and writing. Ivie is our sole righty. Time will tell on Buggy!)

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