Monday, June 27, 2011

Ivie's Preschool Graduation (6.3.2011)

On Friday, June 3rd, Ivie's class held its preschool graduation ceremony. Dale, a sleeping (thankfully!) Bryce, and I were able to attend and man both the camera (me) and the Flip (Dale).

I'm going to warn you from the outset that what is going to follow here are a LOT of short video clips, cropped down song-by-song. Which means, I think, that there will be about 20 clips. Which ALSO means that I'm fully aware that the Herman household will likely be the only one out there that will watch all of these. But, hey, at least you have several to choose from, right?!?

I will say that if you choose to only watch one of the videos, I would suggest picking The Lord's Prayer. We're so proud of Ivie. Miss Brenda asked us if we could help teach her the Lord's Prayer about 2 weeks before graduation. Not thinking that a 5 year-old could learn such a long prayer, we hadn't started Ivie on it prior to this request, so we were a bit worried. But she worked very hard to learn it, practicing several times a day and, as you will see, she nailed it! And now she recites it to anyone who will listen...

Other cute Ivie-specific clips to watch (again, if you don't want to watch all approximately 30 minutes worth!) are the ones entitled "When I Grow Up", "Ivie's Award", and "Diploma".

Anyway, I'll go ahead and put the pictures first on this post, followed by the video clips. It was so cute watching Ivie's class perform. They had such a fun time on stage, and it was pretty impressive watching them sing the 15 songs that they'd memorized!

Have fun in Kindergarten, kiddos! It's been so great getting to know each of you...

The Procession

The Lord's Prayer

The Pledge of Allegiance

This Land is Our Land

Brenda's Poem

Oh, We're Ready

His Banner Over Me

ABC Jesus

I Am a Promise

When I Grow Up...

Ivie, Extremely Worried About Violet's Cap

I've Been Having Fun in Preschool

On Top of Spaghetti

Kids Under Construction

Tiny Drops of Water

Ivie's Award


Jesus is My Friend Today

I Believe I Can Fly

I'm a Little Graduate

You Are My Family

Pastor Martie's Closing

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