Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Summer, Another T-Ball Season...

With this weekend, came Ivie's last t-ball game of the summer. I will tell you that she made significant strides over the last year! Her daddy has taught her how to "attack" ground balls, and, while she still didn't bang down the door on Saturday mornings to go to her games, she seemed to enjoy it when she arrived.

Dale was there to help with Macie, so I was able to bring along my camera (and I even remembered my zoom lens!) to get a few action shots of her last game.

The Walk to the Field

Still Her Favorite Part (Aside from the After-Game Snack)

Attacking and Catching (Well, Mostly!) Ground Balls

Talking to Her Coaches

Hitting (Eyes Shut, Eyes Open!)

Just Some Ball/Hat in the Air Shots I Like!

Wondering When Snack Time Would Arrive

And One of Macie, Looking Thrilled

This fall, we plan to give Gymnastics a go. So far, Ivie's mostly just excited to wear a leotard! More to come on that front, I'm sure...

Show-and-Tell, Round 56: The Bear with a Pillow

Yeah, this sweet bear doesn't have a name. In fact, I don't think Ivie even remembered it existed it until she asked to go searching through the stuffed animal bin in search of something to take for Show-and-Tell last week!

So, here you go. I've got nothing for you in terms of a story, since I can't remember where this came from, either!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the Rocks

If I drank, this phrase might sound pretty good to me. But I don't. So it doesn't.

Instead, we'll talk about a different sort of "rock".

Today after Ivie's last t-ball game, as we walked back to the parking lot, the girls stopped to climb on a big rock that sits just off of the sidewalk. So I got out to camera, thinking to myself that I needed a new picture of the two of them together for my blog header. And what better spot to get such a picture than with them sitting on a big rock that both of them are scared to move around on (lest they fall off)? Right?

Well, as you'll see, they weren't in much of a mood to cooperate. Or at least not to look at me and smile at the same moment... Oh well, I'll take what I can get, I guess!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Uncle Doug

It's interesting to me how some kids seem to be naturally comfortable with certain people. Macie is this way with Dale's brother, Doug. It doesn't matter how much time passes without us seeing him, Macie always runs right up to him and gives him a big bear hug. Yesterday was no different, when we ventured to Boone to spend a few hours at Doug's family's river property.

After spending some time wading in the river (including a short upstream jaunt to the bridge pulling the girls in the float which, sadly, gave me the best workout I'd had in a while), we were relaxing in lawn chairs watching folks float down the river. Macie climbed up into Doug's lap, and I grabbed the camera...

First, despite Doug's efforts, her attention was stolen by the floaters-by.

But it didn't take long for silly Uncle Doug to elicit a grin.

And then, almost as quickly as it began, it was time to move on to something else (like bothering her cousin in the hammock), and down Doug's lap she slid.

Sweet family moments...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (#25): Trying On Ivie's New Shoes

(Yes, it was almost bath time.)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chocolate Milk

Tonight, as I was cleaning up after dinner, I heard Macie playing in the refrigerator. Still one of her favorite pastimes (see here and here).

Next thing I knew, she was standing behind me, inquiring, "Mommy? Mommy?".

When I turned around and saw what she was holding, I had to go get the camera. By the time I was in position to take her picture, though, she'd had just about enough of having to follow me around. So while I didn't get a shot of her initial inquisitive face, these are pretty funny, too...

After drinking her chocolate milk, she settled down and started playing. And apparently decided to put the chocolate syrup back in the fridge...

Then, since I still had the camera out, I took a few more pictures. Just because she was being so cute...